Welcome to How To Practise

We’re very excited to announce How To Practice – a new and unique mix of information, products and resources to help musicians make better use of their practice time.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding new products and resources. Come back and visit us often as these are not available anywhere else on or off-line.

Our site has a lot of content but things you should look out for are:

Practice Methods:

It is the time spent between lessons that will make you a better player

Our selection of practice techniques will give you lots of ideas on how you can practise, weather you need to focus on repertoire, motivation and memorisation or just need some general pointers here”s the place to look.

Key of the Week

One of the fundamentals of learning any instrument is the ability to play in any key. Key of the Week is a method that enables everyone irrespective of ability to improve this area of their playing. Check here every week for new ideas and exercises.

Practice Diaries

“It”s not how much time you spend practising but what you do with the time you have that counts”

Our unique practice diaries offer a very effective way for teachers and students to track and monitor thier progress from week to week. The students leave their lesson knowing exactly what to practise and importantly how they should do this practice.


Your chance to talk about practice, ask questions, seek advice and anything else music or practice related.

Teachers Workbook

The teachers workbook compliments the practice diary and give teachers a clear way to manage their students and keep track of everyones progress. Register, contacts, lesson notes and practice techniques are all included.

Practice Break

How To Practise will update regularly, The best way to stay in touch with all the latest information is to subscribe to practice break our newsletter.

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