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Self taught, self help

Music Practice Clinic 150x150 Self taught, self help

There are huge numbers of musicians who are self taught (it would be interesting to know exactly how many!!). These people are no better or worse than those that have formal lessons. Often they have even more desire to learn as they are lead by the heart and not what teacher/mum/dad wants them to learn. ...

How do I get a distinction?

Music Practice Clinic 150x150 How do I get a distinction?

We've had a number of questions this week about the best way to get good marks in an exam. The questions below from one young lady are typical of others we've received. I'm posting the exchange in the hope that it will be of use to all those others preparing for exams in the near ...

Exam Preparation

Music Exam Planning 150x112 Exam Preparation

Of the many emails we receive the subject of exams is a frequently occuring subject. The question below is typical of those we receive: I have my grade 5 exam coming up in a couple of weeks. My pieces are ok but I''m a bit worried about the scales and sight reading. Is there anything I ...

Getting Tired Quickly

Music Practice Clinic 150x150 Getting Tired Quickly

This week's clinic features a 13 year old violin student. Jane (not her real name) has been playing the violin for two and a half years and has recently passed her grade 4. She emailed us with a couple of questions: I really like to practice the violin and try to do some everyday but I ...