Practice Help

On the face of it music practice is very simple.

However once you scratch the surface and begin to realise that no two people will practice in the same way or have the same requirements you being to realise that it is a vast subject.

So where can you go for more specific help with YOUR practice problems?

Luckily we have lots of answers!

Getting started guide

It’s worth taking a look at our getting started guide as this covers common problems that many musicians face.

Community Forums

If you do have a question that isn’t covered by one of our guides then perhaps you might consider asking a question on our community forums. You’ll likely receive a range of answers and approaches to fixing your problem.


If you’d rather get some feedback direct from the team at HTP then you can tweet us via Twitter. We’ll do our best to give you as much help as we can in 140 characters ;)

Practice Chat

The regular chats that we schedule are a good chance to raise questions. Usually we will have a specific topic, if this covers your issue then great. If not why not contact us and suggest a topic for a future chat.


Our growing Facebook page is another option to seek out others for advice.

Practice Clinic

If you would prefer to have more specific help then please contact us via the practice clinic where we will be pleased to deal with your specific problems and suggest strategies and solutions that you might try.

One to one

If you want more focused one to one help then we also offer services such as online/video lessons and practice workshops. See our services page for more details.

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