101 More Music Games For Children

101-More-Music-Games-ReviewWhat better way to motivate yourself to practice than by playing a game? There can’t be many and this book has 101 of them!

“That’s the book for me” I thought as I pressed the order button.

On arrival through my letterbox I eagerly opened it and started to read – anticipating all the new tips and tricks that I would pick up. Sadly however I was left a little dissapointed.

Hoping to see lots of tips for us musicians I was instead greeted by a collection of ideas for a rather different audience.

The book is squarely aimed at those leading groups of small children. Conveying musical ideas is just one of the goals of these exercises. Social and creative development are treated with equal importance.

The games themselves are divided into a number of categories: listening, concentration, expression, rhythm, sound, movement, relaxation, cultural, projects and card/board games. Each game is totally independent of the others and can be treated as a stand alone exercise. Useful timings are supplied with each activity to show how long each should take to complete.

To get started with the games there is very little needed in terms of facilities and equipment. A few percussion instruments, music player and some space are generally all that is required.

Games range from the very simple, clapping basic rhythms, to the very complex “Moroccan sound scape”.

My initial disspointment at this book was a result of misplaced expectations. Had I not viewed it with my “individual music practice” hat on I would have realised that this is a very effective collection of games, particularly of value to class teachers, those with smaller children and those leaders with little personal musical ability.

101 More Music Games by Jerry Storms, (2000, Hunter House, ISBN: 978-0897932986) is available from:[amazon asin=0897932986&template=htp price]

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