Go Play! by Catherine Shefski

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Another week. Another piano blog. Another eBook.

This one’s different though.

In her eBook Go Play! Catherine Shefski issues a call for teachers to better understand the current generation of students. The ‘digital natives’ are a group of learners who have never known a world without computers, the internet or social networks.

Shefski clearly illustrates why traditional teaching methods (otherwise known as ‘teach the way you were taught‘) are no longer relevant, useful or interesting for today’s generation of students. This generation is used to instant sharing of information, a fast pace of learning and being a part of the process that creates new works.

To address these issues Go Play! suggests putting some of the more traditional techniques and books to one side in favour of materials chosen and of interest to the student. Incorporating technology into lessons is also strongly recommended.

Information on practice is sparse in this book, not a complaint, merely an observation as the book has no pretensions of discussing practice. Suggestions include allowing students to focus on material they like and also the use of technology – perhaps allowing students to learn a piece they’ve heard on youtube.

I’m a really big fan of this eBook. It’s short, just 14 pages. It addresses a topic not considered by many teachers and does so in a clear manner. Those teachers not familiar with the Web 2.0 generation need to read this book. If you are tech savvy then be sure to pick up a few more tips.

Best of all the book is free.

Highly recommended.

Go Play! by Catherine Shefski, (2010) is available from: All Piano

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