My Music Jot-a-note

My-Music-JotaNote-ReviewIf size is an indication of quality then the My Music Jot-a-note practice notebook would be the best around. It’s not what I would consider portable but on the plus side it would be difficult for even the most forgetful students to lose this one!

This notebook comes from Spartan Press and is a significant improvement over their My Music Notebook. The design is bold, clear and easy to follow with lesson pages being uncluttered. Jot-a-note comes in one of three colours: blue, red and green which was slightly confusing for me. I expected the colours to refer to different levels or different content but it appears the books are all identical – just pick a colour you like!

In terms of content the book is a little thin. The only content aside from the lesson pages is a wordsearch on the back page. Lessons are spread over two A4 pages leaving plenty of room for teachers notes, date, manuscript, a home box and a place for the pupil to tick the days they practiced. One feature I do like is the inclusion of a pupils box on each lesson page. This is a musical activity or exercise for the pupil to complete.

Overall this book is OK. It does have a quality feel to it, if a little big. It still lacks the content and features of other notebooks but is by no means the worst I have seen.

My Music Jot-a-note, (1998, Spartan Press, ISMN: M-57999-513-5) is available from:[amazon asin=0579995119&template=htp price]

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