Now I Love Music Practice

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I wish I could say that I loved music practice when I was younger. I had more of a love hate relationship with practice. OK, the truth is that there wasn’t much love and it was more of a chore than anything!

It’s a shame that books like this one by Ron Ottley were not available when I was younger for it is squarely aimed at motivating young people to practice.

In the book Ottley uses tales and annecdotes to make points about why students should practice. For example he uses the tale of the Hare and the Tortoise to demonastrate that practice is a long term thing and should not be rushed. The greater portion of the book is given over to examples like this.

Occaisionaly Ottley breaks away from this format to outline important issues with practice. Notes for parents, benefits of practice and being your best are a few of the issues covered.

I agreed for the most part with what Ottley is saying. I did not agree with some points, most particularly his ascertion that time spent practising is never wasted. However the advice and suggestions on offer here are mostly very helpful.

Whilst the book does not touch on how to practice it does offer a fresh perspective on the reasons why you should practice. The numerous illustrations are well thought through and demonstrate the points clearly. Aimed at ten years and over I’m not sure how much a student of that age would take from the book. I do however see great value in them reading it and discussing it with their teacher. I also see even greater value for teachers too few of whom discuss practice with their students.

Now I Love Music Practice, (2009, Eileen Margaret Publishing, ISBN: 978-0473124007) is available to order from: Teach Your Fingers

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