Promoting your teaching studio by Philip Johnston

Promoting-Your-Teaching-Studio-ReviewIf you have a music studio where you teach then you must read this book!

In usual Practicespot style Philip Johnston presents a clear, entertaining read which will tell you all you need to know to increase the size of your teaching practice and leave you not having to worry where the next student is coming from.

Johnston begins by explaining the benefits of having a full teaching studio. The benefits are not merely increased income but having waiting lists, excellent recitals and flexbility in timetabling.

Before moving onto promotion proper Johnston poses a very pertinent question. What would your ideal teaching schedule be? Without knowing if you want 20 or 80 students it is going to be difficult to plan accordingly.

The main body of this book is given over to a number of tactics you can use to promote your studio. Everything from Yellow Pages to Business Cards to Desktop Publishing to Media to Advertising to Referrals are covered. Like the best ideas everything here seems obvious and presented in a clear easy to understand fashion.

Not only would I recommend this book to music teachers but I would suggest that those running other small businesses could benefit from the ideas within its pages.

The Practicespot guide to promoting your teaching studio by Philip Johntson, (2004, Practicespot Press, ISBN: 978-0958190518) is available from:[amazon asin=0958190518&template=htp price]

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