The Practice Revolution Practice Planner

Practice-Revolution-Practice-Planner-ReviewThe practisespot Practice Planner is a lesson diary and planner in a similar vein to our own Music Practice Diary.

Like all practicespot resources the planner is very easy to follow. The instructions in the front are clear and straightforward so that any student, however young, will be able to follow them. ‘Getting Started’ presents a description of each section in the planner and details on how to use it.

The main body of the planner is split between two sections. Firstly we have the Lesson Diary which is where the teacher would make notes during the lesson. This lesson diary contains areas to note issues from last time, notes home, upcoming events and what needs to be practised for next time. Crucially, as in our own practice diary there is also space for the student to note down how they think they did. For me I think having the student take ownership is a key function of a lesson notebook. Encouraging them to fill in sections such as these is a good way to get them involved.

The second major section is the ‘Weekly Planner’ which provides space each week for students to plan the practice up until the next lesson. Practice can be broken down by day so that the student knows what to do each day and for example ‘2 days before the next lesson’. I have to admit that this is an area where this planner scores over other practice notebooks I have seen.

Finally a section on ‘Piece Coaching’ and a ‘Practice Schedule’ complete the planner.

If I have one criticism of this planner it would be the design and presentation. As with other practicespot products the content is let down by the bland design. This planner is not cheap (£22 in the UK and around $20 in the US) and I know for the money that full colour printing and design is available. That said the content is excellent as I have come to expect from practicespot and this planner is way in advanced of standard lesson notebooks you might use.

The Practice Revolution Practice Planner by Philip Johntson, (2004, Practicespot Press, ISBN: 978-0958190527) is available from:[amazon asin=0958190526&template=htp price]

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