Two notebooks not to get

My-Music-Practice-Notebook-ReviewUsually when reviewing books I try to be open minded and positive. I find that there is something of value in most books and that the practice notebooks I have reviewed recently all have some merit. The quality might vary but they have some use somewhere. However I also think it’s important to be straight and tell you when something is not good.

In the case of My Practice Record and My Music Practice Notebook I am really struggling to find anything positive to say. In terms of production quality both are poor. The materials are poor, having flimsy covers and cheap quality paper. The designs are uninspiring and certainly not something a student would want to own.

My Music Practice Notebook provides space for one term of lessons. This means you would need three of these to cover a year. If a student remained interested in this notebook for a year this means more books to lose. The content is very weak with no thought given at all to design on the internal pages. There is simply some very sparse text with no lines, boxes or graphics to indicate where you should place your notes.

My-Practice-Record-ReviewMy Practice Record is similarly poor, though this book does at least stretch to a whole year. It is a small book compared to others I have reviewed. Each lesson page gives no structure to the notes entered with spaces for date and notes only. There are tick boxes for days practised and a couple of manuscript staves but these do not redeem it.

As you might have guessed by now I am not a fan of these books. At this point I usually include links for the books reviewed so that you can purchase copies. Such is the quality of these that I”m not going to do that, if you really must you can search them out for yourselves. There are much better practice notebooks available which offer more value to both student and teacher and I would advise you seek out one of these instead. If you are really struggling to find a notebook I would suggest a blank one is better than these.

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